On Saturday July 13th, 2024, Keller Guitar Studio is proud to present our second installment of the 2024 Songwriters Series, with very special guest, Deb Cavanaugh!

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and roots singer Deb Cavanaugh lives in the foothills of the Taconic Mountains, in upstate New York. She started making music as a toddler singing before she spoke and singing harmony and rounds by age 3. Her dad exposed her to Classical, Big Band and Jazz. As a teenager, while studying classical voice, she became enamored with blues, rock and Motown. While studying classical music, she was given the opportunity to sing Duke Ellington’s sacred music in a church choir directed by him. During the mid-70s, Deb met her future husband and hitchhiked with him across the country to San Francisco, jumping into the world of rock and roll. They formed the band General Eclectic. After moving back and forth from coast to coast, sometimes in a VW bus, they eventually found their way to upstate New York."

In the mid-nineties, Deb focused on traditional folk music such as Old Time, traditional ballads, Irish dance tunes and more. She now plays a variety of styles including blues, rock and traditional folk as well as a variety of instruments. Currently her favorite instrument is the mountain dulcimer. Early influences included The Beatles, Motown, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Grateful Dead. She has five CDs: “Returning” (Cavanaugh & Kavanaugh), original songs in the folk tradition, “General Eclectic,” live recordings from her rock and roll band, “Tunes for Tots,” a five-song EP for kids, “Highway In Your Eyes,” her first solo CD of original songs and tunes accompanied by a spoken work memoir for each song, and her latest release “Love Songs and Lullabies” (Deb Cavanaugh & Dandelion Wine) spans a variety of genres from reggae, calypso and spacy psychedelic rock to blues and country.

" "Love Songs & Lullabies", the latest release from Deb Cavanaugh, is an Americana album through-and-through, steeped in bucolic imagery, and containing a myriad of emotions ranging from longing, reminiscence, appreciation, and more.....One thing is clear: don’t get too comfortable with what you can expect from this artist, as you never know what may be musically waiting around the corner......by hearing the way in which this album was crafted in terms of song structure, musical devices, and overall production, one thing is certain: she has a hell of a lot more left to say. " ~~ Nippertown.

Deb's music has been likened to Rosanne Cash, Van Morrison, Carole King, Arlo Guthrie, Kate Wolf, Nancy Griffith, Joan Osborne, Eliza Gilkyson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Eileen Jewell, Lucy Kaplansky, Odetta and Melissa Ethridge.

Participation for this event is very limited! As with our monthly Argyle Community Arts Forum, Good coffee and baked goods will be here, and parking to be arranged closer to the event. Tickets are available online here, as well as contacting Keller Guitar Studio directly.

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